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- Seyoung Bang
82 - 53 - 5834132

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         We have manufactured thermal fuse and thermal fuse assemblies as our main products since it is established on 1 May in 1985. Currently, we produce about 100 million thermal fuses and thermal fuse assemblies per year and supply it to many companies in 30 different countries.  Especially, we produce thermal  fuses applied in refrigerators about 2.5 million pieces per month, and its portion is about 50% of the world market.
         Also, the almost whole demand quantity of  LG Electronics, Samsung, Hyundai and  Kia motors is supplied by our company. We have maintained our local market share over 80% , and grown up as a 3rd company in global. This result can be made from our  continued development of products, production technology, and quality management.
 We, 100 members of Sung Woo Industrial Co., will do the best for competitive price and the Zero PPM quality standard for our customers so that we can be the world best professional company. 

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